A few years ago, Fabrice and Mairead Buschtetz were on vacation from their home in France to the United States and took a road trip from Las Vegas to the Phoenix area. They were so impressed with the Southwestern lifestyle that they decided to move their family of five to the East Valley and find a business to launch.

Fabice, a French chef, has a love for classic cars. Desert Car Care McQueen was on the market. A deal was made and the Buschtetz family became the new owners of the Gilbert auto repair shop in June 2013.

“Fabrice has a passion for cars” says Mairead. “Fabrice and I bought our first classic car when he was 18 and I was 19.” Each member of the family has a classic car they drive.

“We are honest people thus we give honest advice. We try to install trustworthy relationship with our customers. We pride ourselves in fully explaining the issues that people have with their vehicles, prioritizing the repairs and giving them choices in the matter.”

Their trustworthiness is paying off with local customers praise the shop for its honest, reliable staff on popular sites such as Yelp and SureCritic.